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Philip PeltoPhilip A. Pelto

Co-Founder / CEO - MyFirestorm

Philip brings over 20 years of experience in business and brand building to MyFirestorm.  He learned the power of referral networking early on in his business career and has honed his skills and focused them on building MyFirestorm.  Philip is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company as well as its long-term strategic vision.  In addition to his outstanding people and networking skills, Philip is always available to lend a helping hand to the business community.  Contact Philip for more information about My Firestorm, a Firestorm Chapter, and networking in general!

Christopher L. Smith, MBA

Co-Founder - MyFirestorm

Chris has profound experience in networking and brand building in the business to business sales vertical, including the software/technology start-up verticals. Chris has grown several diverse businesses from the ground up, consistently building trusted relationships and value with customers and partners.  As Co-Founder of Firestorm Networking, Chris is an advisor and helps with the overall direction of Firestorm.  He also consults with multiple businesses on sales, marketing, and operations. Chris lives and breathes networking and building businesses by referrals!