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What is Firestorm?

We chose our name very intentionally when we founded the company in 2005. The biggest fire starts small and grows quickly when fuel is added. When it reaches a certain point, practically nothing can stop it!

Businesses are like that, too. They usually start small, but when they’re fueled by qualified leads from a strong network, they grow quickly!

Firestorm is not a high-pressure, points-driven “leads group” organization. Our members recognize the simple fact that quality referrals from reputable people lead to good business opportunities. They take pride in giving referrals and they gratefully receive them—and follow up on them professionally. There’s simply no need for contrived positive or negative incentives for passing leads and referrals when people who “get it” get together.

Each Firestorm chapter is capped at 24 noncompeting professionals. We strive to maintain high-quality chapter rosters—new members are vetted by others in the group and they must be voted in by the majority of the group.

One member is featured at each weekly chapter meeting. Following his or her presentation, the group engages the presenter in a very purposeful, proprietary leads mapping exercise that nearly always triggers new partner strategies and specific leads.

The benefits of Firestorm participation extend well beyond the chapter meetings. Firestorm members are invited to periodically attend other chapter meetings in their area and participate in regional Firestorm events, such as speed networking sessions and after-hours social activities.