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Networking Doesn't Apply To Me

Christopher Smith is founder of Firestorm Business Networking and a member of the MyFirestorm board of directors.  I asked him to be a guest blogger for our site and share some of his expertise with his fellow 'Stormers.  Here is what he has to say...

Sometimes, we hear from business professionals that ‘Networking doesn’t apply to me’ or ‘My industry is too specialized to network’.  These business professionals are under the opinion that the overall value of business networking has little or no impact on them, due to the specialization of their market, vertical, or customer.  These folks stay unplugged from networking and building of business contacts due to the misconception that networking does not apply to them.

What needs to be considered, however, is that many business professionals are changing jobs, starting businesses, and moving around in roles/positions in their organizations.  Perhaps, in this ever changing marketplace, it is YOU that could change jobs, change roles, or start a business? This means that a contact today, who may have little relevance on your business and your networking, could tomorrow be your biggest customer, partner, or referral source.  Life, and business, is funny in the way the good people always seem to find good jobs, good companies, and work with other good people.

Take a moment to reflect on the most influential people in your life.  Do all these people work with you, in your industry, and in your company or organization?  The fact is that we seek to find others who we like, trust, and want to do business with.

Networking with good business people today can lead to sales, partnerships, and long lasting relationships.  Make sure networking is a part of your business process, as you never know when that casual contact you met last week could, down the road, turn into a valuable business contact.