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The act of committing oneself to the task at hand, to a cause. 

The ancient Greeks were notorious for burning their ships when they arrived to conquer a new land.  They were committed to victory, so much so that they removed their only means of escape.  It was victory or death!  That's hard core!  Cortes also burned his ships in 1519 when he landed in Mexico.  Again, victory or death! 

Daily Motivation

In 1998 I met a man named Marty Domitrovich.  At the time I looked
up to him because he was the Region Manager of the company I was at,
but in time I would come to look up to him because of his character and
what he taught me.  The first time I met him he gave a speech on
staying motivated and he gave four keys to success.  I wrote them down
on a notecard that I still have to this day.  Here are his keys to